Friday, July 20, 2012

Package Pals Reveal!

Last month my lovely pal Shannah set up a secret package exchange. Everyone got someone's name, and then we had to "stalk" their blog to see what some of their favorites were and send a package to them!

This was so much fun to participate in! I really had a great time finding things for my swap partner, and even found a new store I never knew was in San Diego and that I will be visiting again as they had a ton of cute stuff!

On to my reveal!  Here is what I sent to Freya over at Hello Bunnies!

Some of her favorite snacks, a pencil box with some pens and pencils.

Stationary and stickers, and some more yummy treats! :)

All ready to go! I had some much fun wrapping everything :)

And this is what I received from Sarah in Australia (my first mail from Australia too!).

Beautiful mailing label, and I love how she packaged the tea!

Cute wrapped package, inside was a handmade folio with lots of goodies!

I can't wait to try the recipes in "Sweet Dreams"! 

Australia stamps, so cool!

Beautiful hand-made envies, letter seals and dragonflies, and some awesome notecards!

Thank you so much again Sarah, I love everything! :)

And thank you Shannah for putting this together, it was a lot of fun!

There's my reveal! Got it done just in time before a busy weekend! Have my oldest nephew Wyatt and my niece Jillian staying with us this weekend, so I'm off to have fun and enjoy having them here!  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!



  1. What colorful packaging! Great swaperoo!

  2. Hi Beth! I am so glad you like what I sent. It was so much fun putting together the package for you and being a part of this fun little project. :)
    I am especially pleased you like the stamp issue pack from Australia Post - it was a brand newie (just released that week) when I picked it up for you. :)
    Take care & happy snail-mailing!