Tuesday, February 26, 2013


 February is always a hectic month in our family! Between mine and my hubby's family we have 6 birthdays (including mine), plus Valentine's day, and it's the shortest month of the year which is why it feels like it flew by so quick!

Well, long overdue, I actually have pictures to share with you from the month! It's a miracle! Okay, maybe not, but it sounded good :-)

Anyway, first thing to share is some incoming mail, first mail I've had in months, which is my fault entirely. I stink at being a penpal lately. . . and I still stink, I've only gotten one letter out this month. . .

I won two giveaways from the same blog! I had forgotten I'd entered in them actually, but that made it an unexpected surprise, which cheered me up too :)

A bunch of crafting supplies and goodies! (horrible picture, I know)

And a box of English Breakfast Tea! One of my faves :)

And a letter from Abbye, hadn't heard from her in awhile, so it was a nice surprise to find a letter in my mailbox! :-)

 And, I only got one letter out, but I'm going to try and get a couple more out over the next week or so as long as my days go as planned.

A letter headed to Shannah!

 So, onto some other February stuff. . . 

We start the month with my brother and mom's birthdays, then a week later is mine and my niece's, funny thing, bro and ma are two days apart and me and my niece are two days apart (of course a lot of years apart as well, but I'm just going by the day). And then toward the end of the month is my mother-in-law in Vegas and a good friend that has always been like a sister to me :-).  So, makes for a busy month! 

Anyway, here's a few pictures from the month for you :-)

Bakery where my Ma got my birthday cake, such a cute name!

Red Velvet bundt cake, by far the best red velvet cake I have ever had, it was sooooo yummy!

Gift from the hubby, I was soooo excited! We saw this in theaters and I can't wait to see the Unrated version!

Another dvd from the hubby, one of my favorite comedians.

From my mom, this made me laugh, she made her own gift certificate :-) She also got me a popcorn air popper, which I've been using all the time, I love it because I can pop just a little popcorn for a quick snack without having to make a whole big bag.

A couple things I don't like much about February. . . 

This is my Grandmother (mom's mom) and myself.  We lost my Grandmother 24 years ago this month and I've missed her every day for the last 24 years. 

This is my Grandma at the San Diego Zoo. When she was retired she went every day and I went with her any time I had a holiday from school. On Valentine's Day she would have been 86 years old. We lost her 12 years ago this month and I still miss her every day.

And a few other things from the month. . .

Vday gift from the hubby, he has gotten me a teddy bear every year since we've been together, lol.

And another little Vday gift, he knows I like the larger coffee mugs :-)

Someone let Rusty watch the movie "E.T.". . . crazy dog!

One of the residents at the hubby's work gave him this as a tip one night. By far the best bottle of red wine I've had in a very long time. And I looked it up online and it's a $100 bottle of wine! 

Well, that's all I have for now. I'm going to try and post more, I've been on the computer more trying to find a job and doing some work for the bowling league, so I'll try to be around more :-)  Hope everyone is having a great week so far!


Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Plan

I'm hoping to stick to my plan today. . . the plan is to watch the Super Bowl, because I have a feeling it's going to be an awesome game, and finally write letters.

I've been struggling recently with some emotional issues which is why I haven't gotten caught up on letters in months. I hope the few penpals I have still want to be pals. . .if not, no biggie :)

Yesterday was my brother's birthday. At the last minute my sister-in-law told me about his party, nice to be forgotten by your family. . .but I won't get into all that. Tomorrow is my Mom's birthday, so the whole family got together for breakfast this morning at this little bistro, it was sooooooo yummy! And very affordable for a nice breakfast! Next Sunday is my birthday and I've told everyone I'm not planning anything, if they want to come over or not or whatever they want to do is fine with me. The only thing I'm doing is going on a breakfast date with my hubby and then he has to go to work around 2pmish.  And that's it. . .

So anyway, that's my plan today and really my only plans for the week.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!