Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mail Problems. . .

So, our neighborhood is considered an "extra route" by the postal service, doesn't make any sense to me since this neighborhood has been here for around 40 years.  But anyway, what this means is that about every month or so we get a different mail carrier, or sometimes we will have a different one several times a week.  The other issue with this neighborhood is that all the street names are different, but all the house numbers are the same, so there are about 6 streets with a "10047" house on each one.

What all of this means (if I haven't completely confused you yet) is that lately, we have been getting a lot of mail for other streets or our neighbor's. Now, I'm always good about making sure to take someone's mail to them myself, but I know other people don't always have the time. So, long story short, I have had a couple of letters recently not make it my way.

So, my dear penpals, if it wouldn't be too much trouble, when you send me a letter could you either leave a comment here on my blog, or send me a quick email ( and let me know that one is on the way so I can keep an eye out for it please? It would be greatly appreciated! And I'm going to try to be better about posting received letters as soon as I get them. Thank you so much!  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!



  1. Well, that sucks! :P hmm.. Yes I sent you a letter with a big 4th of July stamp on the front. I was wondering why I haven't heard from you!

    1. Yeah it does, I had a couple other letters get lost recently as well :(

  2. Wow - that is seriously frustrating!!