Thursday, August 30, 2012

Where Did August Go?

Forget August. . . where did the last year go?? We just realized this last week that next month will already be our one year wedding anniversary. . . I don't know where the last year went to.

Today was a good day, it was pay day a day early because of the Labor Day holiday! The hubby has been working a ton of overtime, for the last pay period it almost equaled an extra week of work (his pay periods are 2 weeks, 40 hrs a week). So, needless to say, we have a little extra money.

So, as a thank you for me understanding and putting up with all the nights of him at work, he bought me something that I have had on my Amazon wishlist for close to 4 years now.

As a child, I spent countless hours reading these books and of course watching the two movies, saw the 3rd movie on PBS when I was an adult (I think, lol). I have them on VHS, and no VCR anymore. So, knowing my love of these films, my wonderful hubby bought them for me. Especially since I had a gift card balance and we got free shipping. But anyway, I'm so excited about this, I'm such a kid, I can't wait to sit and watch them :)

Hope everyone has had a great week and has a wonderful weekend! 


Saturday, August 25, 2012

I Love that my Nephews are playing (American) Football!

First football games of the season today! I'm a proud Auntie, my nephews played hard! 

I was so excited that their games were at my old High School, Santana. It was kind of surreal for me after not being back there in 12 years (I feel old, lol). They redid the football field and it is amazing! It used to be dead grass surrounded by dirt back in my day!
My nephew Reese. I am so proud of him! He has always been stocky and a little bigger than most of friends. He had to work extra hard the last three weeks and lose 11 pounds to be able to play tackle football, and he did it! At his weigh in this morning the weight limit is 97 pounds with all his gear on, he weighed in at 96.2! 

My little Joey. We have always had a very close relationship, I'm so proud of him too, he's a great football player!!
During Joey's game, he's the kid sitting right at the 40 yard line.

I love his facial expressions!

Me and my boy (he says I'm his favorite Auntie, awwww).

My oldest nephew Wyatt! Can't believe he's turning 11 in a couple weeks and starting 6th grade, he's playing Soccer this year, so here soon I'll have soccer pictures!

And the Princess, Jillian. The youngest with three older brothers :)

So, that's all I have for you this time. Just me being a proud Auntie. . . it really is one of my biggest joys in my life, I love these kids so so so so much!

Oh, my Aunt came home from the hospital today, yay!  She's still having to go through a long road of healing, but at least she's home. 

No incoming/outgoing to share. Hoping next week to reply to the one letter I have waiting. . . which brings me to this, if anyone is looking for more penpals, I am too, so drop me an email! :)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!


Friday, August 24, 2012

Hubby's Birthday Golf 8-15-12

So, last year we started a tradition, golf for birthdays! The first time we went was for the hubby's, then they went for his two brother-in-laws' birthdays as well. This year the hubby had to work on his birthday, so we went on his day off a few days early. And we got lucky, it was the one some-what cool day in the middle of our heat wave. So, here a few pictures from the day :)

Warming up at the range.

The view down from the first tee. Hard to tell, but it was a pretty steep little hill down, there are a ton of elevation changes on this course.

Teeing off at the first hole.

Our brother-in-law Jeff joined us for the day.

The first green.

I was teasing the hubby that our golfcart number was the same as his age (he really only turned 37, lol)

I drove most of the day, his driving with all the elevation changes kept freaking me out. 

Jeff looking to see if the group in front of us was on the green yet.

Yay, tunnel! It goes under the main road that goes through the middle of the course.

Ever since I was little, I have loved tunnels, so this was really the highlight of my day, lol.

This squirrel came up to say hi :)

The back nine (holes 9-18) run along this local lake, Lake Murray.  Made for a beautiful view :)

Putting for 2 under par (an Eagle). He ended up 1 under par (a Birdie) after just missing the first putt. 
Stupid blogger, this was supposed to be before the last one, lining up his putt, lol.

The lake.

Us again! :)

So, there they are, only took me 9 days, lol. Have a busy weekend ahead. My two youngest nephews, Reese and Joey are both playing (American) Football this year, and games start tomorrow, yay! And then we're going to the theater on Sunday afternoon to see the musical my Aunt is directing, even though she has to miss opening weekend because she's still in the hospital :( (she's hopefully going home either tomorrow or Sunday).

Anyway, hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Quick Update on my Aunt

As I mentioned in my earlier post, my Aunt LuLu is in the hospital battling an infection in her foot. She is diabetic, so an infection in this area is not a good thing as diabetics typically have poor circulation in their legs and feet. 

Anyway, yesterday they did an MRI and found an abcess. She had surgery this afternoon to clean the infection out. They were able to get it all out and the best news is that there was no infection or damage to the bones of her feet, which is what everyone was worried about. She currently has a wound vac in. If everything looks good she will have surgery again on Friday to take out the wound vac and close up the wound. I'm going to visit her tomorrow after the hubby wakes up from his nap :)

Good night everyone!


Incoming and Birthday Cake!

The hubby's birthday was good! He says he had a good day, even though he slept through most of it, lol. Anyway, my redvelvet cake turned out great! Although I know a few things for next time:

1. Use a little more food coloring (lol).
2. Put more frosting in between the layers.
3. Pay attention so that I don't buy fat free cream cheese for the frosting.

The cream cheese frosting recipe I got from my cousin, because I mess up frosting recipes every time. Her's is simple, for every 8 oz of cream cheese, use 1 cup of powdered sugar. Simple, just have to let the cream cheese soften for awhile. The first time I used it, the frosting came out amazing. This time, my frosting was runny, I added an extra cup of sugar, and it was still pretty runny. Couldn't figure out why. . . my cousin asked if I used light. . . oops, I accidentally bought fat free, for some reason, light and fat free make your frosting runny. . .so anyway, it didn't look the best, but it tasted great! :)

We don't have round pans, so I had to use square, lol.

I dusted the top with coacoa powder to try and make it look a little prettier, lol.

It was yummy! :)

Here soon I'll have golf pictures posted from last week, I plan on getting that posted at some point today.

And now for my incoming!

From Melissa.

I love the notcard! The puppy reminds me of Rusty when he was a puppy :)

So, that's all for me. Had a busy day yesterday with my youngest nephew and my niece, they were here all day. So we had lots of fun.

Oh, if everyone could please take a moment and say a little prayer for my Aunt. She was in the hospital for 4 days, then came home for one night, and is now back in the hospital. She has an infection in her foot and yesterday they found that it was an abcess. So she is supposed to have surgery today. Hopefully everything turns out okay. So, if you could say a prayer for her, it will be very much appreciated.

Hope everyone is having a good week so far.


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Photo An Hour, Friday, August 17th

So, I was browsing random blogs recently (which I tend to do often) and saw a few people that had done this post, a "Photo An Hour" for a whole day and then shared the pictures on their blog, so I decided it would be fun to do. Although I'm sure other people's lives are a lot more interesting than mine, LOL. So anyway, this is what I ended up with!

Good morning!! Believe or not, this is actually sleeping in for me, I usually wake up at 6am, so I was happy that I slept longer.
8am: The temp was already 86*F outside, gonna be a hot one! (Ended up being about 102*F yesterday, ugh).

9am: Paying Bills since it was payday.

10am: Getting my roster set for the first week of Fantasy (American) Football (this is one of my 3 teams this year).

11am: Favorite time of day, mail time! And it was all for me :)

12pm (noon): Put some chicken breast strips in water to defrost and then marinate in Italian Dressing, and Dad grilled them up for dinner, so yummy!
1pm: Yummy pork tamale for lunch.

2pm: Editing pics and posting about Incoming Mail on my blog.
3pm: Sorting through wedding picture proofs to see which ones my Mother-in-law marked so I know what enlargements to order.

4pm: We got to borrow Dad's big blue truck!

5pm: Delivering the mattress our friend bought since he has a little car.

6pm: It's okay to eat dessert before dinner, right? On our way home, best cookies ever, white chocolate macadamia nut!

7pm: Got home to this, my niece fell asleep laying on my Dad like this, too cute not to take a picture!

8pm: Relaxing and reading my Kindle while the hubby took a nap before work.

9pm: Watching part of an old black and white movie with the hubby before he had to get ready to leave.

10pm: Bedtime for me! I actually didn't end up falling asleep until a little past midnight, but my phone was dead, so I stopped taking pictures after this one, lol.

So, I hope you enjoyed my photo-an-hour. And yeah, my Friday was a little boring, maybe I'll do this again sometime when I have something more exciting going on :)

Oh, and I am currently reading: The Road Through Wonderland: Surviving John Holmes, by Dawn Schiller. It's a memoir and it is soooo good! I can't believe the stuff this girl went through having a relationship with John Holmes, the things that he did to her and put her through toward the end of her relationship with him are absolutely horrific, I am amazed that she survived everything. It is really an amazing book about strength and survival. I highly recommend it, it's about 500 pages long and I'm almost done with it after starting it 5 days ago. It is pretty graphic, a lot of violence toward her, drug use, and sexual descriptions, so if you're offended by that, it may not be a book for you. Just wanted to give you a warning, they have a good description of it on amazon as well.

Okay, well, I'm off. Today is the hubby's birthday. I made him his favorite breakfast (biscuits and gravy) and sent him to bed. Now I need to go see if my red velvet cakes have cooled so I can frost them, if the cream cheese has softened enough for the frosting, lol. Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend so far!


Friday, August 17, 2012

Some Incoming Mail

After almost 2 weeks of no mail, everything in the mailbox today was for me! I was all excited, that never happens with us living with my parents.

So anyway, I'll get to the wonderful incoming :)

First, I did some shopping last week at LaPapierre. I adore her stationery and when she was having a special to celebrate her son's birthday, I couldn't pass it up!

Beautiful packaging as always!

I ordered two A5 Grabbags this time, 5 different designs in each, 10 sheets of each different design, great way to get a sampling of designs! :)

These two designs were both in the grabbags, so I ended up with 20 sheets each of them, yay!

I really like the one all the way to the left in picture.

My 8 surprises! And I love them all! And that's my first airmail envelope ever, lol.

So, my hubby is a great sport. I still had a 10% off coupon code for Le Box Boutique, so he let me shop there this week as well :)  So of course I bought more Washi Tape! I love her deal that she has where you can pick up to 16 feet in up to 8 different designs. Also bought a sampling of Tissue Tape to try. 10 feet in 5 different designs that I picked :)

I love the simple yet cute packaging!

Went with mostly solid colors this time around in the Washi Tape.

I love how the tissue tape looks, can't wait to use it!

And the last thing to share with you is the coolest piece of mail I have ever gotten!! I was a little confused at first when I saw it in the mailbox, but I seriously can't stop looking at it, it's so cool!!!  This was from my penpal Melissa. Thank you, thank you, thank you Melissa! I love it!! 

A cutting board! :) And when we finally move the red will match my kitchen stuff perfectly (my color scheme is red & black).

And a recipe on the back for Chocolate Zuchini Cake, can't wait to make this! It sounds yummy!

Thank you so much again Melissa!! :)

So, that's all for today. But here soon will be some other posts. I have golf pictures from Wednesday, still need to upload and edit them. Today I have been doing the "Photo An Hour" that I have seen a few people post as I've been browsing blogs and it looks like fun, so I'll have that up in the next couple of days. And tomorrow is my hubby's birthday, so I'll have pictures from things I have planned tomorrow! Wish me luck baking a red velvet cake from scratch, I guess practice makes perfect, lol.  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!