Friday, June 29, 2012

The Priority Boxes Art Project

So, awhile ago I saw this posted on some other blogs and I thought I would "order" a priority box. I immediately thought this project was the coolest thing!  If you want, you can read about it here. This really is a great mission by this wonderful artist.

Well, I was running late today and trying to help my Mom get their stuff ready for camping and also take care of a couple of errands this morning, so I was actually in the shower when the mail came, and much to my surprise (especially since there was supposed to be a long wait!) my box was sitting on the table!!!  I was way too excited over it!

My Priority Box!!

So, there it is!! Every box is an original work of art from the artist, signed and dated. Some contain Peace, my box contained Hope, which is something that I always do, I always hope for the best. Now when I feel overwhelmed or hit rough times, I can look at this box, and it will remind me that hope is in my life.

Anyway, go check out this project! It's really cool!  And you probably won't hear from me much this weekend because my bestie Susan is on her way here right now!!! Yay!  We live too far away from each other!! Anyway, I think we're just going to hang out for the afternoon, tonight we're heading to the casino to surprise the hubby at work (hehehe) tomorrow morning we're going to see "Magic Mike" and the hubby is off tomorrow night (woohoo!), and Sunday morning we're going to wake up early and head to the big Swap Meet! So, it's going to be a great weekend with my BFF <3.  

Lastly before I go, I still have two letters to write, but this week was hectic and I spent a lot of time working on a package swap that had to be shipped by tomorrow (I got it shipped this morning, lol), so I didn't have time to write, but this week I will get those out in the mail! 

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!


Friday, June 22, 2012

June is almost over?!?

Is it just me, or does time seem to be flying by?? I feel like it's going way too fast!  Anyway, just posting some incoming/outgoing and then I'm headed for a nap. I've had a headache for 3 days that I can't seem to get rid of, it's starting to irritate me!

To Abbye in Northern Ireland.

To the wonderful Shannah.
My envelopes were a little plain this time, I really need to look through my stickers in my scrapbooking supplies or go get some new ones for decorating envies. 

From Laney, unfortunately her reply in April never made it to me, thank goodness she emailed me and we figured out what was going on, I was worried she didn't enjoy my first letter to her!

I loved her stamps she used!

And now, I am way too excited over my next incoming :) plus, it shows how little I know about some of the things you can buy for decorating letters and packages and things. Anyway, I see a lot of bloggers always talking about Washi Tape, now, living in San Diego, it's so hard to find penpalling supplies, so I've taken to looking online, but everything is always so expensive, especially when you add shipping! Anyway, I did a search on Etsy for Washi Tape (and of course a ton came up!) But one in particular caught my eye. Here are my reasons, 1. I didn't know if I was going to like it; 2. There are so many designs out there, how do I choose?.  So, I ended up at the lovely shop leboxboutique looking at this particular item. What I liked about it, was I was able to choose 8 different designs, 2 feet of each, and it was less than $10! Also, I ordered it on Monday of this week and it was waiting in my mailbox for me yesterday! She was so quick to get it sent off to me! I haven't used them yet, but I love the designs! I am definitely going to order from her again, I think this time I'll get some plain colors, and maybe go with whole rolls. Anyway, it was a wonderful shopping experience and I can't wait to buy from her again! Plus she had a ton of other things that caught my eye as well.

Beautiful designs, and so nicely hand rolled! 

And, a free gift! Also was a coupon code for 10% off my next order! 

Well, that is all for now. I still have two more letters to write, but they are going to have to wait for the weekend. Hopefully tomorrow this headache will be gone (and hopefully I'll get some sleep tonight!).  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Driving Range!

So, last Wednesday morning we loaded up the car with our golf clubs and headed to the driving range!

It was my first time at this particular driving range, about 20 minutes from the house, but it was a really nice one. I realized that I stink at golf, but I had fun and I know that in time and with a lot of practice I will get the hang of it. I LOVE my new clubs!  Well, they are used, but new to me! :)

Hard to tell, but at the end of the green grass, it's actually a slope down to the dead grass, lol.

My golf clubs! My bag is so nice, the shoulder harness is incredibly padded making it easy to carry it. It looks like they are really heavy, but they are surprisingly light!

The hubby.

He has such a nice form!

I, on the other hand, look stiff as a board in all the pictures he took of me, gonna take awhile for me to get comfortable and to learn the right form and swing.

Yup, still stiff as a board and wearing my signature flip flops, guess I'm going to have to suffer and start wearing my tennis shoes to the range. . . bummer.

So, we're going to be trying to go to the range once a week for awhile. My biggest goal is to be ready to golf what is called a short-course (18 holes and all of them are Par 3, longest hole is about a 100 yards) by September.  If I do okay there, and if I am driving the ball well (150+ yards) I want to be ready for a 9 hole course by October).  I decided that as I have done with my bowling, I'm going to set golfing goals for myself because it tends to help motivate me, and it's such a great feeling when you achieve a goal that you've been working towards!

First thing though, I really need to get a golf glove, my grips are nice and soft, but they were still irritating my hands, I have highly sensitive skin.  So, I'm going to be shopping around for a glove here over the next few days.

Oh, and real quick before I go, made an old side dish with dinner in a new way!  We were grilling steaks for Father's Day, and Mom, hubby and I all enjoy zuchini, so we grilled it! Mom usually puts butter on it after cooking it, I seasoned it before grilling though and it was so much better! I sliced them length-wise down the middle and rubbed the inside flesh side with a little extra virgin olive oil and sprinkled with a little bit of sea salt, grilled them for about 10-15 minutes until fork tender and they were so good! The slight amount of oil and salt just brought out the natural flavor and the grill flavor was amazing!  Just thought I would share.

Finished two books this week, so I'll probably talk about those tomorrow, also coming this week will be incoming/outgoing mail. :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  And Happy Father's Day to all of the wonderful Dads out there!


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hello Out There!

Good news, my thumb is feeling better! Still keeping it wrapped good, but I was able to cook dinner for the family tonight, so that was a good thing! But more about that in a minute.

I am so anxious to use my new golf clubs that I was doing a few practice swings in the back yard tonight and discovered that as long as my thumb is wrapped up and has good padding, golfing doesn't bother it, so I'm off to the driving range in the morning, I am way too excited over this! :)

Also, a book a week to post a review about seems to be a little too much for me lately, I'm only half way through the first book I planned to do it with and it's been almost 2 weeks since I started it. Oops :/

Now, onto what I made for dinner tonight. Last night my brother made shredded beef tacos in corn tortillas, so yummy!  So tonight we had some left over shredded beef and a stack of fresh uncooked flour tortillas that needed to be used up.

So, I mixed together the shredded beef and a can of refried beans, to help stretch what was left of the beef (although I can't tell you how much there actually was, maybe a cup and a half).  I spread a little row (probably about 2-3 tablespoons) of the meat mix in a line at one end of a tortilla and then sprinkled it with a little bit of cheese and rolled them up. I heated about a half an inch to maybe 3/4 inch of vegetable oil in a deep skillet and placed my roll-up seam side down and fried it, then flipped it with tongs and fried the other side. If the oil is hot, it takes about 3 minutes a side, just until they are golden brown. And presto! Home-made flautas. Unfortunately the frying part is really bad for you, but for a once-in-a-while treat, it's not that bad, and it was quick and easy and a great way to use up left over stuff in the fridge!

Sorry if my directions are confusing, I should have taken pictures, and I never measure when I'm creating in the kitchen! 


Monday, June 11, 2012


So, yesterday I was helping Mom make a fruit salad to take to a BBQ she was going to. I am always in the kitchen cooking and chopping, etc. 

Well, I was cutting the skin off a honey dew melon with my huge knife and managed to slice my thumb wide open :(  My first thought is that I wouldn't be able to go to the driving range this week to try out my new used golf clubs.  The other thought was wondering how I was going to get the bleeding to stop. I'm guessing that I really could use a few stitches in it, but I wasn't about to waste a day in the ER (and I hate needles).  So, I got some butterfly bandages and some self-adhesive wrap and between those and some neosporin, I got the bleeding to stop, of course I can't move my thumb, and it hurts really bad, but at least I'm not bleeding anymore :)

And the best thing, it was my left thumb, so I can still write letters! Although I didn't realize how much you use your thumbs and it's been funny trying to do stuff without use of my thumb, but I'll manage.

The rest of the weekend was uneventful, other than getting a bridal shower gift for my cousin and a Father's Day gift for Dad. I also got a little something for David for Father's Day, no, I'm not pregnant, he has a son from his first marriage that he never sees and I feel like everyone always forgets to wish him a Happy Father's Day, so I wanted to surprise him with a little something :)

Anyway. . . that is all for now. I hope everyone had a great weekend and has a wonderful week!

If anything, I'm ready to hitch-hike! Lol.

Bye for now!


Friday, June 8, 2012

Rundown of the Week, and Incoming/Outgoing from the last 2 weeks

I honestly can't believe that it's already Friday! This week has flown by because we've had so much to do. . . I guess that's some-what of a good thing, except that I'm still slightly worn out, ha ha.

Anyway, it's that time of year where the weather is getting warmer and it was time to switch out my clothes. As most of you know, the hubby and I are currently renting a room from my parents while we save up money and try to find something we can afford. So that means that we have stuff stored all over the place, our closet is scary. So, most of my clothes are in space bags, and I switch them out for the seasons, which here are only winter and summer. So I tackled that this week, 2 huge garbage bags of clothes went to goodwill and another went into the trash. We also cleaned the room, which gets cluttered after about a week due to lack of space. I also boxed up three more boxes of books to take to my storage unit. And we were going through stuff that had been stored, it was a lot of time consuming little things that needed to be done, along with about 6 or 7 loads of laundry. . . I lost count.

Anyway, onto mail. I'm behind on posting my outgoing letter from last week, so I already have the reply to post too, oops :)

Outgoing to Shannah (sent last week)

I used one of my new flipflop envelope seals :)

Okay, blogger is being difficult all of a sudden and my incoming keeps going to the top of the post. . . I wish blogger would be more user friendly!

Yay! Got it to work! Incoming below. . . lol.

Shannah's wonderful reply. I love the Snoopy notecard she used! And thank you so much for the friend notecard and airmail stickers, can't wait to use them!

A first letter from my new pal Melissa. I loved everything about her letter, so creative!  And she sent me two great crockpot recipes, can't wait to try them!

So, there you have it. I now have 3 replies that need to get written, I'll probably do that on Sunday when I'll have the house to myself and some quiet time without interruptions :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!


Today is National Bestfriend Day!

So, take a minute and call your bestfriend! I know, I'm a little bit of a dork, but I honestly don't know what I would ever do without both my BFFs! I have a female BFF and a male BFF, so I'm really lucky :)

My BFF Susan tagged me in this on Facebook today, and I think it applies to everyone's relationship with their bestfriend!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Just a quick reminder. . .

It's not too late to sign up for my wonderful penpal Shannah's Package Pals Project!!  It looks like it's going to be a lot of fun! You must have a blog and you only have until June 10th to sign up! You can read all the details here!!

So, take a minute and check it out, the more the merrier! :)

I'll get to more of a post tomorrow, for now I'm off to relax for a little while!


Monday, June 4, 2012

Does anyone know the average life of a Friendship book?

So, when I was penpalling before (I just started back up after probably 4-5 years) and when I was penpalling before I was constantly swapping Friendship books.

The reason I bring this up is that today I received a letter in the mail from someone, and it was addressed to me in my maiden name. All it was was basically a list of the person's favorite things, name and address, etc. But she never said how she got my address or anything like that. The only thing I can think of is a Friendship book, because it would have had my maiden name on my entry. I am just surprised that a Friendship book could still be making rounds after close to 5 years!

Anyway, I just thought I would ask if anyone else has had this happen to them so many years later. . . I just think it's pretty amazing that after so long I get a random letter from someone and Friendship books is the only thing I can think of as to how they got my address :)

Have a great week everyone!


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hhhmm, Maybe a Giveaway?

So, I'm thinking about maybe doing a Giveaway. Not sure of what or how I'll put it together, but I know it would be a good way to promote my blog :-) 

I'm thinking I'll do one when I get to 10 followers or 1,000 page views, whichever comes first. But now I just have to think about what I'm going to give away, ha ha. 

Have a lovely Sunday!


Saturday, June 2, 2012

3 Generations

I was looking through old family photos today and found this one that I wanted to share.

From left to right: Me, my Mom, my Grandmother, and my Auntie.

Three generations of women on my mom's side :)  The day this was taken I was going to a wedding with my Grandmother (hence why we're all dressed up, lol). My Grandmother was so wonderful, I've missed her every day for 23 years.  Anyway, I just thought this was a cool picture and wanted to share it :)

In other news, we sold a loveseat today that we don't need or have room for, yay! It's amazing the amount of space we have in our storage unit now that it's gone. So I've been packing up other stuff around the house that is just out or crowded my mother's cupboards, mainly things that just sit around. I have all my collectables boxed up and today I decided to wrap and box up my one big collection. . . .

My shot glass collection! And I'm mad at myself, I should've taken some pictures. I hadn't counted in awhile, I have 31 shot glasses now! Anytime anyone goes anywhere I ask them to bring me back a shot glass. My goal is to one day have one for all 50 states in the US, and to have more international ones. Right now the only international ones I have are Mexico. I've also bought some for myself when I've gone to places too. I don't know what started the collection, but it started, and I love it! Of course eventually I want to get some sort of a rack or some sort of display to be able to display them all, they rarely get used because we rarely have a reason to use them, lol. But, I posted a status on Facebook about them all and my friend in Michigan also collects them and asked me if I wanted to do a swap! So her and I are both going to start shopping around and send each other some shot glasses! :)

Well, that's about all for now, just felt like talking for a few. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Friday, June 1, 2012

It's June already?!?

Time just seems to be going by quicker and quicker these days! I've decided to try something for the summer (we'll see if I can actually do it or not, lol). Anyway, I have decided to read a book a week this summer, and then post a review here, thought it might be something kind of fun, we'll see if I have the time to read a book a week and remember to post about it, ha ha.

Anyway, in other news, my penpal Shannah over at Write Before Your Eyes has set up a really neat package swap that I am participating in. If anyone is interested in signing up for it, you can read more about it here. The last day to sign up is June 10th, so go check it out, the more the merrier! The one thing is that you must have a blog to participate, but all the information is in her post!

Well, I'm off for now. Hope everyone had a great week and has a wonderful weekend!