Sunday, July 1, 2012

It's Been a Wonderful Weekend!

So, I meant to take pictures of the weekend, and I forgot!  I need to be better about that!

As I said before the weekend, my best friend Susan came down to spend the weekend with me! It was so much fun, as always!  We had planned to go see the new Channing Tatum (he is so H-O-T!) movie "Magic Mike" on Friday afternoon, but the showing we planned on was already sold out before Susan even made to my house (yay for being able to check on tix online!). So, when she got here we ordered and printed tickets online for the first showing Saturday morning.  Then we spent the rest of the afternoon just hanging out and chatting and catching up on all our news, girl talk is great!  We got some take-out for dinner with the hubby and then sent him off to work!  We played it really well, got our jammies on before the hubby left, put on a movie and acted like we were settling in for the night. 

BUT, we're sneaky girls, and once he texted me that he made it to work and was going to be running a guest shuttle all night instead of the employee shuttle, we quickly changed and headed out to surprise him at work! It ended up being a hilarious night as we went into what we called "stalker-mode" and looked for him at work. There were three shuttles circling parking lots, so it took us awhile to find him. It was pretty funny wandering around the parking lots and trying to follow shuttles on foot :).  We successfully found him, shocked him that we were there and rode his shuttle for a little bit, and I even got to meet one of his supervisors, and she gave me a huge hug :).

Saturday morning we went to the movie, it was really good! I had to call my sis-in-law up by San Fran and tell her that I didn't think it was appropriate for my 15 year old niece to see though. I wouldn't let my teenager see it if I had one.  We did some shopping at Old Navy, where the creepy cashier was hitting on  me and basically asked me out for Saturday night. . . it was odd.  Then we went and visited my parents at the campground they were at for a few hours, it was a nice afternoon!  We came home and bbq'd and watched a couple movies that are faves.  Oh, for dinner, I took chicken breast strips (boneless/skinless) put them in a ziplock with half a bottle of italian dressing and the juice of a lemon, let them marinate all day and then we grilled them, so yummy!!

Today we went to the swapmeet and out to lunch. I found a sand wedge and the guy sold it to me for $5, score! Then came home and relaxed before Susan had to leave to head home :(  I always hate the end of the weekend when she leaves. Her and her husband are good friends with David, so I've only known her for a couple years, but we were instantly friends and talk every day and have quickly become like sisters.  Anyway, I can't wait for her next weekend down here!!

So, that was my busy but fun weekend. Unfortunately I'm sunburned, stupid me  forgot sunscreen, at least I remembered my hat!  So I'm going to go coat my arms in aloe and head off to bed, two late nights in a row and two nights with only 5-6 hours to sleep and I'm wiped out! I must be getting old. . . lol.  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and has a wonderful week!



  1. Hi Beth!! I just received your package and I am SO thrilled!! It was so so nice. Thank you so much, I love everything in it and loved all your packaging! Will follow your blog to keep in contact :D

    1. Yay!! I'm glad you liked everything and that it made it there so quickly! :) I'll change it so I'm not following you anonymously anymore, lol.

  2. Looks like you forgot your camera too!! :)

    Sounds like you had a blast!!

    1. Actually, I had my phone and my camera with me, I almost always do, I just didn't get either one out, LOL.