Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Penpal Shannah's Etsy & Giveaway!

So this entry is to give a shoutout to my penpal Shannah's Etsy store! She's very excited that she's had two sales, yay!

I love her homemade things in her shop, she's so creative! So if you have a few minutes go check out Shannah's Craft Corner

For a sneak peak here is one of my favorite items in her store. . . 

Fabric Envelope Pouch

I have a few crocheted pouches like this, but I can't put small things in them, I'm worried about them falling through the holes, so this is really cool to me! I see endless possibilities of use :)

Also, right now Shannah is have an amazing giveaway on her blog, Write Before Your Eyes, to help celebrate 100+ followers, 10,000+ blog views, and she posted about it with her 100th post! Way to go! Anyway, take a minute and go check out her 100th post and the giveaway here!

So take some time and check out her shop and blog!



  1. wow, I'm loving your new blog layout! And thanks for the post and entering my giveaway!

    I've now sold 4 items in my etsy shop ;)

    1. Thanks, I was searching forever and this one just caught my eye :) I'm not very layout literate, so I have to just find the templates, lol.

      And yay on 4 sales! I'm still thinking about trying to sell some stuff, just don't know what I would ever sell, lol.