Saturday, May 26, 2012

USS San Diego!

On Thursday 5/17 David and I decided that we wanted to head down to the harbor and go on a free tour of the USS San Diego! Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that was well worth the 2 hours we had to wait to get onboard! The ship was commissioned that Saturday. Plus it was a nice little date day for me and David since he'd had the week off because of Grandma's funeral. Anyway, took some pictures and wanted to share!

The hubby.

There she is!

A really bad picture of me, lol.

They had street signs that you would see around San Diego all over the inside of the ship.

He is a little tall for this vehicle, I had to hold the camera up out of the top and hope that I got a decent picture,  he's only 6'5'', lol.

The big kid had to sit in the big truck too! 

Love it when you find a nice person who offers to take a picture of us together, lol.

Once again, big kid had to take a turn holding the big gun, lol.

Looking up from the flight deck.

If someone goes overboard, they have a crane that will lift this boat out of the ship and get it into the water in about 10 minutes. Also when the ship is docked in ports they use these boats to patrol.

All set up for the ceremony on Saturday, we were all the way at the top, the picture doesn't really give justice to how high up we were!

The bow of the boat.

Part of the San Diego skyline!

So cool to see it!!

All-in-all, it was an amazing day! Such a great opportunity to see and walk around this great ship and learn things from those that work on board!


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