Saturday, May 26, 2012

It's fun being an Auntie!!

One of my absolute greatest joys in life is being an Auntie! I have three handsome nephews and a beautiful niece from my brother. And also 4 nieces and a nephew on my husband's side (unfortunately I don't get to see them all much). 

Here are some pics from the last month of some fun with my brother's kids (who are over here several times a week)! Pictured in most of them are my 10 year old nephew Wyatt and my 5 year old nephew Joey. I think there's only one of my 3 year old niece Jillian. Anyway, onto the pics!

Joey and I after we gave him his "favorite birthday present ever" (his quote), an army man jacket :)

Joey loves to help me cook, he was amazed by the automatic can opener, and it was perfect for him to be able to use it, all you do is push the button.

Stiring up the sauce he made.

Wyatt begged my Mom to make her homemade donuts. She used to make them when  us kids were little. Wyatt's job was to cut the hole in the donuts :) 

The finished product! They were so yummy! All they are is refridgerator  biscuits, with the hole cut in the middle, you fry them in a little oil until golden and then toss in powdered sugar. They are so bad for you, hence why we never make them anymore, but they were good as a treat!

I took him to the grocery store with me and he had to be goofy!

Joe found Papa's old sunglasses, lol.

So, we got a new washer awhile back with a glass lid, so they discovered they can watch the clothes being washed, lol.

The Hulk and Captain America! 

And a smaller Hulk (Joey) and a smaller Capt. America (Jillian).

I love these kids! Not pictured is my nephew Reese, but he doesn't come over as much as the others, mainly because it's during the week while Mom is at work and he's a Grandma boy! :)


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