Saturday, May 26, 2012

Some odds & Ends

So, a few more miscellaneous pictures from the last few weeks.

An apron that our wedding photographer made. I bought it for my Mom for Mother's Day. My parents are always camping and I loved the fact that it had the Airstream trailers on it!
When I bought the apron, she gave me the little cherry bags shown here, they are filled with silica beads and dried lavender and are now at home in my bowling shoes. They help dry up the moisture and keep them smelling pretty, what a great idea, and hopefully next bowling season I'll be able to sell them for her!
My Dad finally got a hummingbird feeder set up on the porch! This little guy feeding in the pic is a beautiful bird, we have named him Larry the Redneck Hummingbird because he has a beautiful deep red throat. Unfortunately he's become very territorial and chases off other hummingbirds if he sees them and even tries to chase off our dog! Yeah, our 35 pound dog is scared of this little hummingbird, it's pretty funny.

As most of you know, David's Grandma passed away the very end of April. Last week we had her funeral and my inlaws were in town for two nights. So Wednesday 5/16, after the funeral, we spent the afternoon with them. One of the spots we went was to Imperial Beach so their friends could put their feet in the (very cold at this time of year) ocean and we went for a walk on the pier as well. It was a nice afternoon after a very sad and emotional morning.
Me and David on the pier, we were lucky, it was a beautiful day by the ocean!
David and his Mama, she is such a wonderful lady, I really lucked out in the inlaw department!

And one last photo to share. . . 
Those that are football fans will have heard about this, we lost a great man in the Chargers organization in April. Junior Seau was a pillar of our community. He was involved with several charities and he was a great player on the football field. It rocked the city when we learned of his death and he will be missed. I found this picture on facebook, posted by my brother-in-law and I had to save it. It's an amazing tribute to an amazing man!

Hope you enjoyed my little bit of randomness!



  1. Ok, so can I ask for a huge favor from you? My mother collects airstream items and we even have a big old one in our back yard. I would pay your wedding photographer however much it is plus shipping if you can get me this apron!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If not, it's perfectly ok.. no pressure!

    1. Unfortunately she only had enough fabric for the one apron. . . BUT, my mom was talking about making a scrub out of the fabric, and I found out where my photographer bought the material online, and they still have it! So here's the link for you :)

      So, you'd have to sew it yourself, but I think apron patterns are easy to come by :)

  2. Thank you bunches for the link! :)