Friday, January 27, 2012


Did a couple of shopping trips the last couple of days and got a few penpalling supplies (since most of my stuff is in boxes in our storage unit). Yesterday's was the best because I took my niece (3yrs) and my nephew (4yrs) with me and bought them some goodies too, always fun to spend time with the kiddos!

I fell in love with these notepads I found in the dollar bin at the office supply store! There were 5 designs, and I of course had to get one of each! Also loved that they are larger size and lined, I always need lined paper, I can't write straight without lines, lol.

The seashell notepad is my favorite, because I love the beach! Living in San Diego I get to go to the beach quite a bit, and my oldest nephew and I always collect seashells and sand dollars!

Some San Diego & California postcards to send pals, I know it's nice to get a postcard with a letter, especially one of the city I live in! Just thought they were nice, and they were 8 for a dollar, so you really can't beat that deal!

Some silly little stickers to decorate envelopes with since I just use plain white. Thought they might be fun, and I loved the bowling pins (since I'm a bowler and all).

I am a HUGE Chargers fan! I'm actually just a HUGE Football (American football) fan in general. So as soon as I saw this box of notecards I couldn't pass it up, especially since they were only 5 dollars! Thought they would be a cute addition to a letter.

My niece and I were tired after shopping yesterday, so we put up our feet on the recliner. This was too cute not to post!

So. . . that's all for now. Time for me to hit the books and study, study, study!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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