Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What A Weekend!

I finally felt better by Friday, just in time to give my Mom a break from staying with my Uncle! The last several nights I've been at the hospital, and then I've been sleeping some what during the day, although it's hard for me to sleep then, and I'm absolutely exhausted! I was going to try and lay down for a couple hours now, but I don't have time to. I have to shower and change and get ready to go to a meeting with my husband's Grandmother's doctor and case worker. We are trying to get her into that assisted living place. So maybe this afternoon I will get a nap in.

It's been rough, things have been stressful :/  A couple more weeks and I'm on Spring Break, thinking about asking my sis-in-law's Mom if I can spend the week at her beach condo here in town, even if it's just for a few days so I can have some stress-free time to relax.

Also would like to wish my wonderful parents a Happy 41st Wedding Anniversary! They have been a wonderful example to me over the years of what love should be. I love my parents so much and I'm so lucky to have them both in my life.

Okay, I'm off, hope everyone is having a good week. Still have a couple letters that need to get written, staying at the hospital again tonight, so I will get them done then since I hardly sleep while I'm there.


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