Friday, March 2, 2012

Golf Day on Tuesday 2-21-12!

Like I said, I've been so far behind and meaning to post these for over a week, but finally pictures of golf! My hubby and his brother-in-laws are the golfers, I just enjoy going along for the ride and driving the golf cart!

It was a beautiful day for golf, although it was a little windy!

The hubby's golf clubs.

My hubby teeing off. Hard to see, but what they call the "tee box" is actually two rocks spaced about 15 feet apart and you put your tee somewhere in between them depending on where you need to stand, it's a little confusing at first, I thought there was an actual box to stand on or something, lol.

All three boys putting, I think this is the hardest part in my opinion.

My hubby is waving "Hello" to all of my blog readers! I know it's hard to see, silly me , I took this picture with my cell phone rather than my digital camera, so it didn't turn out like I planned, lol.

Just me, sitting in the golf cart, for the boys to finish on whatever hole they're on, that's basically what I do the whole time, but I love being out there in the fresh air and sunshine!

My hubby and I <3

On the front (aka first) nine holes you can actually see part of the highway from the golf course! That was sort of new for me, lol.

The golf carts actually had little windshields on them, definitely a first for me! The brother-in-laws' cart and clubs parked in front of me.

So, this is something I really don't understand. Apparently clean golf balls are more aerodynamic or something, so they have these things at the start of every hole. You put the golf ball in that holder and then move it up and down, in the bottom tub part is soapy water, and it cleans your golf ball. Like I said, I don't get it, but my one brother-in-law cleans his on almost every hole, so I had to take a picture, lol.

The score card. . . although I didn't have to keep score for the hubby this time, good thing too, because it's kind of confusing! Underneath is an advertisement for the "19th Hole" (aka the bar).

I loved, loved, loved these old barrels that they used as the hole markers!! I thought they were so cool. They also had several directional ones spaced around the cart paths, so creative!

One of the bridges crossing the stream that runs the length of the golf course.

Uh oh, someone got in the bunker! This is one place you don't want to be! But he was lucky and got his ball our of the sand with just one swing! The green for this whole was actually surrounded by four bunkers, guess they were trying to add a challenge.

I just thought the way this tree grew at such an angle was kinda cool so I had to get a picture.

These ducks or birds (not sure what breed they are) were always in big groups in the stream, they were funny little things, they would see a cart coming and all start to move even if you were pretty far away from them.

Another view of one of the greens and you can see a road back behind it as well. And those two tiny people are my hubby and one of his brother-in-laws. . . well, they're mine too, but you know what I mean, lol.

A beautiful sunset to end the day!

 So, there are the golf pictures, finally!! Sorry it took me so long and hope you enjoyed seeing my day through my camera lens!


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