Sunday, March 25, 2012

Great Weekend!!

My best friend Susan came down to spend the weekend with me! We had a blast as usual, it was a much needed girls weekend! We watched a ton of movies, most of which had us either saying, what the heck?!? or laughing hysterically! We had quite the strange movie weekend, here's the list:

"The Baby" - A movie from the 70's that was beyond twisted, bad acting and everything! It was highly disturbing!

"Sex & Breakfast" - Very weird and pretty disappointing all together. . . 

"Secretary" - Very, very weird, and disturbing. . . and of course it had it's parts that made us laugh.

"Bitten" - A very dark comedy about a Vampire. . . best part was the Barney (big purple dinosaur) song they played a few times "Tidy up your mess!" hahahaha, it was great!

"Get Him To The Greek" - Awesome! We were laughing the whole time, it's crazy, and it has Jonah Hill in it, and I love him, he cracks me up!

"Hall Pass" - I about fell out of the chair laughing at a few parts. . . stars Owen Wilson, he's great in crazy comedies! Best part is a bathroom scene. . . that scene was gross, but it wasn't what I expected. . . that's what made it so funny!

"What's Eating Gilbert Grape" - This is a mutual favorite of me and Susan, it's a classic, and we've watched it a few times together, it's going to become a standard for our movie weekends for sure!

So. . . I think that's it. Of course in between movies we had some great girl talk and I made a couple of awesome dinners. It's nice to have company when my parents are out of town and the hubby is sleeping all day. Only bummer to the weekend is that my husband's sister flaked on coming over to spend the weekend with us, but hopefully she'll come over next time!

Busy week ahead for me, two papers to write, a quiz to study for and an exam to study for. . . can't wait for my Spring Break in a couple of weeks! Hope everyone had a great weekend and has a great week!


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