Friday, March 2, 2012

Some randomness from this last week

Thought I would post some random pictures from the last week :)

Last Saturday my niece came to spend the day and I curled up the ends of her hair, it turned out pretty cute, we had a fun day!

The Rusty boy! I loved the expression on his face in this one. He's my parents' dog.

It's hard to see, because I had to use my cell phone (no flash photography allowed at the bowling alley!!) but this is my Hubby getting a "300 Game" shirt from the bowling alley for the 300 game he bowled on Feb. 1st. The manager of the alley is holding the shirt up to himself (hubby is the bald one, lol).

The hubby on the approach. The reason for this picture was to send to his Mom to prove that he was not only wearing pants, but he was bowling in pants! My husband always wears shorts, even in the rain, so it's very rare that he wears pants, even in winter! Oh, I just noticed, the front ball on the left side of the ball return is my bowling ball! The pretty purple and gold one, I'll need to remember next week to take a close-up picture of my ball to show everyone!

My Dad came home from vacation on Wednesday and brought me two shot glasses! I collect them, so any time anyone is going anywhere I always ask them to bring me a shot glass back! I had asked Dad for a Superman one, he went to Metropolis to meet some cousins, but he surprised me by also bringing me a Kentucky one! My Uncle (his brother) lives in Lexington, KY.

The 300 ring has finally arrived!! My hubby gave me this ring, and I thought I guessed my ring size correctly to wear it on my right hand, but I didn't guess right, so I'll have to get a chain to wear it around my neck instead.

So, there's some random photos from my week. . . maybe I should make this a weekly ritual. . . unfortunately I don't always remember to take pictures. . . I guess I'll have to start.


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