Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rough Few Days

I know I've been neglecting. . . 

I had a great time on Saturday! Went over to the inlaw's for a wonderful dinner and a long overdue visit! As in inlaws, I mean David's stepmom's house. His mom and stepdad live in Las Vegas.  Anyway, it was a nice night, but went by way too fast, had to leave a lot earlier than usual because of David working graveyard.

Yesterday my Uncle went into the hospital again. He's already in a nursing home, they don't take care of him right (it's a horrible place, but we can't find a space for him in a better one) and then he ends up in the hospital. I think it's worse than usual this time. He's disabled from arthritis and pain medications barely help him anymore, he has a high tolerance to the medication because he's been taking them for so long. So anyway, he has fluid in his legs and now in his arms as well, and I just don't think this is looking good. He has fluid in his lungs as well, keeps getting pneumonia and it just keeps coming back once he stops medication. So that has me feeling blue and worried and I can't go see him because I decided to come down with a horrible cough on Sunday! I don't know where it came from, but it's awful, and no other symptoms, except for a sore throat from coughing so darn much!

Then a couple hours ago David's Mom in Vegas called me. We've been having problems with his Grandma lately, she has dementia (almost alzheimer's) and they've been trying to get her into an assisted living place for months. Well she fell today, third time in about a year and a half. She didn't hurt herself. But Tuesdays is the day that a family friend goes by to see her, we usually go Wednesdays and Fridays, and the family friend found her, and I guess she fell around 7am and Linda didn't find her until around noon, and she had messed herself and it was just bad. So we need to push to get her into a place as soon as possible. I really hate insurance companies and doctors, they have been dragging their feet for so long! We have fought and fought with them, but there's always a "process". If they would just get it done and get her into a place this probably wouldn't have happened. She lives in a tiny one bedroom place so it's not like we are able to stay with her so that she can stay in her house.

So, it's just been a nightmarish couple of days with family stuff going on and not feeling well. I have a huge test in two days that I haven't studied for at all and two letters that I still need to get written. Ugh, I just need to feel better!!!!!!!


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