Sunday, February 5, 2012

Weekend. . .

So, a pretty good weekend, other than the hubby having to work all weekend, but that's the usual. I thought it would be nice with him working graveyard shift and having to work weekends, but it's backfired because he sleeps all day, so we still don't get to do much.

Last night we had a great dinner with the family celebrating Mom's birthday. And after dinner my two oldest nephews came over and spent the night! So first thing this morning both of them were in my bed snuggling with me waiting for Uncle to get home from work. I love that even though they are 10 and 7 they still enjoy cuddling with their Auntie! It's my favorite part of having them spend the night <3

Today was the Super Bowl, I turned it on for commercials, didn't really pay attention to the game as I hate the New England Patriots and despise Eli Manning and the Giants. Unfortunately the Giants won. . . honestly, if Eli Manning wasn't their Quarterback, I would have been hoping they would win, but as long as he is, I will despise them because I can't stand him! The highlights were of course commercials, and then the half time show! Madonna was awesome!!! I loved that she sang a mix of old and new songs! Her outfit was a little weird when she first came out on stage. . . but all in all it was one of the best half time shows I have ever seen!

Well, my weekend off is at an end, time for bed and back to the books tomorrow! Lots of studying and work to get done for class! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


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