Friday, August 17, 2012

Some Incoming Mail

After almost 2 weeks of no mail, everything in the mailbox today was for me! I was all excited, that never happens with us living with my parents.

So anyway, I'll get to the wonderful incoming :)

First, I did some shopping last week at LaPapierre. I adore her stationery and when she was having a special to celebrate her son's birthday, I couldn't pass it up!

Beautiful packaging as always!

I ordered two A5 Grabbags this time, 5 different designs in each, 10 sheets of each different design, great way to get a sampling of designs! :)

These two designs were both in the grabbags, so I ended up with 20 sheets each of them, yay!

I really like the one all the way to the left in picture.

My 8 surprises! And I love them all! And that's my first airmail envelope ever, lol.

So, my hubby is a great sport. I still had a 10% off coupon code for Le Box Boutique, so he let me shop there this week as well :)  So of course I bought more Washi Tape! I love her deal that she has where you can pick up to 16 feet in up to 8 different designs. Also bought a sampling of Tissue Tape to try. 10 feet in 5 different designs that I picked :)

I love the simple yet cute packaging!

Went with mostly solid colors this time around in the Washi Tape.

I love how the tissue tape looks, can't wait to use it!

And the last thing to share with you is the coolest piece of mail I have ever gotten!! I was a little confused at first when I saw it in the mailbox, but I seriously can't stop looking at it, it's so cool!!!  This was from my penpal Melissa. Thank you, thank you, thank you Melissa! I love it!! 

A cutting board! :) And when we finally move the red will match my kitchen stuff perfectly (my color scheme is red & black).

And a recipe on the back for Chocolate Zuchini Cake, can't wait to make this! It sounds yummy!

Thank you so much again Melissa!! :)

So, that's all for today. But here soon will be some other posts. I have golf pictures from Wednesday, still need to upload and edit them. Today I have been doing the "Photo An Hour" that I have seen a few people post as I've been browsing blogs and it looks like fun, so I'll have that up in the next couple of days. And tomorrow is my hubby's birthday, so I'll have pictures from things I have planned tomorrow! Wish me luck baking a red velvet cake from scratch, I guess practice makes perfect, lol.  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!



  1. Wow!! That came fast!! I have the letter to go with it upstairs!! :) It will explain more about it. :)

    Love the tissue tape - it looks so pretty. There is some really pretty stationery in the grab bags too.

  2. By the way good luck on the red velvet cake - I've heard stories that originally it was made with beets - and I do make a killer beet cake - (problem is that while the batter is red - it bakes brown).