Monday, August 13, 2012

A Quiet Day

Just another quick note. Things have been going great! Lots of fun visiting time! A quick rundown:

-Dad's surgery went great and he's feeling great, even took the dog on a little walk today.

-Dinner with hubby's family last week, so much fun! 

-Chargers won their first preseason game, woohoo!

-Hit like crud at the driving range (me & hubs both!).

-Finally met hubby's Aunt, she's very sweet!

-Awesome pool party with the inlaws over the weekend.

-Hot, hot, hot! Been over 100 degrees for almost a week, ugh.

-Mad at my brother's wife (long story).

-No mail for over a week, I was keeping an eye out for a package and a letter (that was sent before 4th of July) and neither has shown up, stupid mail service!

That's about all for now. I have had such a horrible memory, heat=headaches, so all of the stuff we've been doing, there are no pictures because I kept forgetting to put fresh batteries in my piece of junk camera. And my cell phone camera has been an even bigger piece of junk :-/

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!



  1. Sounds good - too bad about the headaches - pressure changes do that to me. Especially in the spring and the fall.

    You gotta take care of the camera problem!!

    1. I think mine may be sinus related because of this crazy weather! We'll have clear skies and it will be hot and dry, and then all of a sudden clouds come in and it's hot and humid. It's just been miserable, we're used to heat where we live, but it's just been constant!

      I know, my camera issue is out of control. My goal is to save for a new camera, I really want a digital SLR, maybe someday, lol.