Monday, June 4, 2012

Does anyone know the average life of a Friendship book?

So, when I was penpalling before (I just started back up after probably 4-5 years) and when I was penpalling before I was constantly swapping Friendship books.

The reason I bring this up is that today I received a letter in the mail from someone, and it was addressed to me in my maiden name. All it was was basically a list of the person's favorite things, name and address, etc. But she never said how she got my address or anything like that. The only thing I can think of is a Friendship book, because it would have had my maiden name on my entry. I am just surprised that a Friendship book could still be making rounds after close to 5 years!

Anyway, I just thought I would ask if anyone else has had this happen to them so many years later. . . I just think it's pretty amazing that after so long I get a random letter from someone and Friendship books is the only thing I can think of as to how they got my address :)

Have a great week everyone!



  1. Hey - it is me...the Melissa who emailed you last night to get your address so we could write...I just read back through your blog - this should be I am going to return to your 'real' letter.

  2. Friendship Books seem to do the rounds until someone either sends them back or bin them. I stopped about 6 years ago and I still get things returned home to me but considering the amount out there I haven't had all that many back which might be a good thing.

    Anyway your name got choosen on my make my day blog for the postcards. Please could you e-mail me your address so that I can send them.

    1. Oh cool! Thank you! I'll email you here in a minute! By the way, I love everything that you offer on your blog, it's one of my favorite reads! :)

  3. Your real letter is in the mail.