Friday, April 27, 2012

Hi :)

Okay, so nothing too special today, just a rundown of a quick few things:

*Made my first Etsy purchase today, stationary from LaPapierre as her mailing list special discount ended today.

*Borrowed my brother's golf clubs last night so the hubby can give me a lesson at the driving range tomorrow. . . see if I like it and then we'll go from there.

*My wedding band broke today and my finger feels naked :(  First off, let me explain that the wedding band I have now was originally my sis-in-law's. It's a loaner until I can afford to "upgrade". She used it until she upgraded, the reason I think it broke was because it had been cut off her finger (when she was pregnant), repaired, then pryed off her engagement ring when she got a bigger wedding band, then I got it and had to have it reshaped, the bottom of the band is super thin, so I'm sure it was just really weakened. Until then I have an old diamonique (look on to see what that is) ring that belonged to my Grandma as a temporary because I felt too naked just wearing my engagement ring.

*My nephew Joey loved his birthday present we got him (finally got to give it to him last night.

*Went shopping at Ross today and finally got a new glasses case ($4).

*Had an incoming letter from Shannah on Monday :)

*Only about 4 weeks left until final exams and I'm stressed!!

*Tuesday is golf day for the hubby and his brother-in-law's.

*Made my first handmade envies.

Okay, I think that's all, look for random pictures possibly tomorrow. And also a movie review, rented two movies from Red Box today (parents are camping and hubby is sleeping all day). So since I only have 2 penpals at the moment, I guess I should fill in my blog with other things! 

Happy Friday everyone!!


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