Sunday, November 25, 2012

Catching Up!

Okay, so I know I've been apologizing a lot lately, but I'm gonna do it again! I'm sorry for being away.  But I'm here today to catch up on a couple things. . . I'm pretty far behind.

With everything that's been going on lately, life has really gotten in the way, and I just haven't had any motivation to blog and write letters. I sit down and get everything ready, and then I just walk away from it, horrible, I know. 

Anyway, onto more interesting stuff!


Back in October Ryan over at It's all in the Ryting had a "Think Pink" giveaway to help raise awareness for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I was shocked to see that I won! I feel kind of bad about it, it was the second giveaway of her's that I won. . . and it was only her second giveaway too! Crazy! I don't think I'll enter her third ;-)

Anyway, at the beginning of November I received a lovely package full of homemade stationery/cards from her, and they were all pink (of course)!

Love the pink envelope!

A letter was also in the package :)

Save the Ta-Tas!

"Fight Like a Girl" Note card.

Some sheets of pink list paper.

This  was my favorite note card in the package! "We're on a mission to Save the Hooters!" The owls are so cute, and the saying so clever!

Pink letter stickers.

"To a Friend Worth Fighting For" stationery.

Loved her little labels too!

Thank you again Ryan, I love everything! And I hope you got my email at the beginning of the month saying that I received the package. :)


Okay, now I'm really playing catch-up! Back in mid-October the whole family (except for me and the hubby of course) went on a 3 or 4 day cruise that they had planned for almost a year. Anyway, my nephew asked me to watch his tortoise Wally. So, I took a few pictures of Wally while he was staying with me. I have to say, I fell in love with this little guy, he's still a baby and fits in the palm of your hand, and he is just the sweetest thing! It took me several days to not be sad every time I walked in the room I had kept his tank in after he went back home.

Meet Wally! He's a cute little guy!

Climbing into his food bowl the first day, after that I just put his food loose in his tank and not in the bowl, lol.

I fell in love with this face! I would take him outside to let him get some sun, he stretch out his head and legs and eventually go to sleep in my hand, it was adorable!

This picture explains why I couldn't let Wally wander around on the grass by himself. Rusty was beyond jealous of the little guy and was always right there waiting for me to set him down so he could get to him. So, Wally's outside time had to be spent in my hand.

I don't know why Rusty was jealous of Wally, he got to sleep in my bed all weekend, this is him all curled up next to me when I woke up one morning, it was too precious not to post.

So, there's my October pics. . . actually, I think I have some Halloween pics of the nieces and nephews, but I'm not sure where my camera is right now. . . I may have to look for that, ha ha.


So, there's a little catch-up. I ended up being off yesterday, which was good because I was exhausted from working Black Friday! Yesterday I had to call-in at 1p to see if they needed me from 3-7p. Tomorrow I call-in at 11a to see if they need me to work 1-5p and then I have scheduled shifts on Wednesday (10a-4p) and Thursday (3:30p-10p).  The hubby got a new job and is no longer working graveyard!!! Yay!! His schedule is currently Thurs-Sun 3p-11p!! This is great, because we actually get to spend some time together before he goes to work, well, when I'm not working.

Anyway, it's football day! I won't get to watch my Chargers because the game is blacked out, but I'm going to watch some of the other games. I get to watch the Packers! My second team since my inlaws are from Wisconsin and I like to support their team too :)

Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend!


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