Sunday, August 24, 2014

Bay Day! 8-8-14

I've had this post saved in my drafts for a couple weeks and kept forgetting to borrow my Dad's computer so that I could type it up and post it. Life got a little busy.

On Aug 8th we celebrated my nephew Reese's 10th birthday a day earlier than his actual birthday by going down to Mission Bay for the day (about 30 minutes from where we live).  It was a beautiful day to be by the water, lots of kids running around playing and a lot of hanging out with friends and family.  My parents brought down their boat for the day, unfortunately at the end of the day the boat broke down. . . in the middle of the bay. Luckily we got towed in and it was at the end of the day, not the start of the day. 

Anyway, other than that it was a good's some pictures!

Beautiful day!
Reese, the birthday boy!
Me and my silly niece, lol.
My nephew Joey.
My nephew Wyatt, he's a little goofy, I had begged him all day to take selfie with me, lol.

Before we left that evening there was a huge group of paddle boarders, they all had lights with them, it was pretty cool to see!

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