Thursday, July 10, 2014

San Diego County Fair

My last post was kind of a I figured I would lighten this one with a few pics from our trip to the county fair this year.

Once again, posting from my phone, so I can't caption each individual pic...anyone have an old laptop they may be getting rid of? Haha. Just kidding.

Anyway...onto a few pics!

1. My inlaws were in town visiting from Las Vegas :)

2. Deep fried cheese curds.

3. Me & the hubby.

4. The midway...busiest place at the fair, lol.

5 & 6. The theme this year was "The Fab Fair" so they had a great 60's display all about the was a lot of fun to walk through. And yes, my hubby was too tall for the phone booth, lol.

Have a wonderful day every one! Oh...and I am trying to get back into penpalling...just need to find pals, lol.

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