Friday, February 7, 2014

As Usual...

So, I have gotten to the point where I refuse to celebrate my birthday. It's simple really...something bad always happens on my birthday. It never fails...I've been broken up with, car accident, people start arguments with me, someone in the family gets very ill, I plan my own party and no one shows up, I've even had a family member pass away. I've gotten hurt, sick, stranded, etc.

So, my husband always wants to do something special for me...he decided this year to switch work days with a coworker and plan a whole day together. We were going to have one long what happens?? The coworker up and quits today, calls the boss and tells him he's now my husband has to work a 12 hour day, 11am-11pm!! I'm not happy...but I warned him not to have his heart set on it working out because of my birthday curse...

This just proves that my birthday needs to be treated like any other day. It's already bad enough that my birthday is a Monday (this Monday) this year. Ugh.

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